BirdGlider. Ultralight, ultra easy footlaunchable glider

HD 23


Consider it my gift to the world of aviation. Go see the website mentioned just below. There is the nearly 300 pages book with all the plans.


New website just for BirdGlider

If you want to see the new BirdGlider website, go visit


  • Low cost
  • Easy to make
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fly

I asked help from the design team of Predrag Devic, who designed my DragonCub as well.

I wanted to create a glider which was easy in all ways. The person who would love to learn to fly would only need a place to train and ...construct the kit.

The kit will not be a time consuming task. Very straight forward construction with very little tools needed. Many parts are predrilled. It would be more like a IKEA thing. Put part A on part B and rivet/bolt. 



  • All Aluminium structure and fabric covering
  • Span 9,65 m
  • Wing area 12,7 m2
  • Double surface
  • Length less than 4m
  • Expected weight 50kg
  • Expected glide ratio 15
  • Side stick steering
  • Flaps
  • Footlaunchable - towable - winchable - down hill rollable
  • full hand controls for wheelchair users or full control at hill top start



Click "Construction" to see how i build the prototype.

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DragonCub. Easy ...Light ...FAR103 ... up to 100 kg pilot



  • Designed for pilots up to 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • All aluminium construction
  • Flying Flea wing configuration (read my Flying Flea section to learn why they are so good)
  • Designed according to the FAR103 - rules. Which implies: 
  • Construction prototype starts in Januari 2014
  • Construction designed by Predrag Devic and his team. Thanks, without your excellent help this was not possible for me.

I intend to commercialize the DragonCub once the prototype proofed its value. It will become a kit.

Follow the construction of the prototype

First i need to tell you that this is my first aluminium construction. So ...if i can do it, so can you.

Once i have my raw materials, i will have most parts laser precut and predrilled.

Each important part will be testloaded to destruction. So ...many video's will have a lot of KABOOM.

Each step of construction will be placed in a video. So, you will have a kind of video-assembly-handbook.



Stewart Midwinter's Rigid Wings overview


It is back!

A few years ago we lost lot of info about rigid wings when Stewart Midwinter's website went offline. It was a great loss. It has been a source of inspiration to me and a good source of info when comparing similar ultralight gliders. I wanted it back. So ...i asked Mr. Midwinter's permission to place it back online. It mainly has the same info, but in a different shape (sorry, my website looks are pre-made).

Updates and new info.

Feel free to support this section with new info or updates. You can contact me via the contact page. You can send pictures there too. When sending info, please, note where you got that info from. 

Thanks in advance.

Get airborne!  :)

I hope i help people to get airborne with this overview of more affordable airplanes. Not everybody can afford a Cessna or Piper.  ;)

Select which list you want to see



Weird airplane designs


The unbelievable stuff

My website started with this section. I guess it is also the largest section of my site.

Here i try to explain why these designs were made this way and ...i try to see if they were improvements or not.

I do not try to list all of the designs in this way of unorthodox thinking. i just let you see enough models so you can understand what is possible in their speciality.


I hope you like this section. Feel free to send extra info about some of the models i talk about.




Phoenix, a speedy small car

IMG 3807 Small500

Small, fast bolide

The Secma F16 is a real fun thing to have. It is like ...a pocket rocket. Waw!

But it also looks like a buggy. And i noticed that many F16-owners would like to see a more speedy look. So ...i created the Phoenix body parts for the F16.

Finally you get a speedy looking car that no longer gets ignored when parked next to a Porsche or BMW Z4. 

More about the Phoenix


The parts and the prices

The gullwing doors. 

The tail.

The mud guards.

The bonnet (still in development, probably ready end october 2013)

 All parts can be placed seperatly. So can start with just the mud guards or the gullwing doors. Later you can add the bonnet (still in development) or the tail (with or without trunk space).

Fun research & development

"Weird isn't bad" is a philosophy i strongly believe in. Most people will dislike weird stuff by prejudgement, but ...sometimes you will have to admid that they have large benefits once you start to know more about them.

That is why i try here to explain the why and hows of the weird stuff i had or like.

Horten Flying Wings

The airplanes of Reimar and Walter Horten are ...AMAZING! Many of their work still looks great today, but they date from before WW2 to the 1960's! These airplanes look good, perform good. They ARE GOOD! They inspired me. Let them inspire you too.

read more

flying flea

Henry Mignet designed the "Pou du Ciel" or "Flying Flea" in 1934. And his concept is still being used today! It proofed to be autostable, easy to make and very cheap. Ideal to get the man of the street airborne ...just like Henri Mignet wanted. Here you find why it is designed that way, what models exist and how you can start your own construction.

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weird airplanes

I admire weird airplanes as they are sometimes better than conventional airplanes. I try here to explain why they are designed that way and what the difference is with "normal" airplanes. It is not my goal to list all the ones with that weird design. I just want that you understand the concept better.

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I am a proud owner of a Ecomobile. Here you can read why this motorcycle is such a great design and i will report my adventures with it from buying it, registrating it, learning to drive it and making citytrips with it.

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I loved to ride my recumbent bike. And can make your own recumbent motorbike using a donorbike. It becomes a Feet Forward. This is how i do it.

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my electric vehicles

My interest in electric vehicles came when having the idea to make something for myself that was easy to construct and maintain. Electric engines give me that freedom. Here are stories about what I bought and what projects i designed/construct.

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micro cars

I was the proud owner of a Secma Fun Extr'm 500. It is a microcar, that can carry two and is smaller than a Smart Fortwo. Here are some video's i made while i had it. Microcars will come back. They are fun and ... really usefull.

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