FF Youtube lessons

If you didn't like to read ... ;)

Here you get the basic info about the Flying Flea in a few videos. I heard they were even used in EAA-meeting in the USA for possible Flying Flea builders, so ...i guess i did my work rather good.   :)


Comments and suggestions for new videos are always welcome.

01 - Showing what a Flying Flea is


02 - Why was it designed this way?


03 - Is a Flying Flea a flying coffin?


04 - Piloting the Flying Flea is SUPER EASY


05 - The Living Wing - The "soul" of the Flying Flea


06 - Can i build a safe Flying Flea from the plans without modifications?


07A - Differences HM14 from book and recent HM14 constructions


07B - Differences HM14 from book and recent HM14 constructions

The list with ALL the differences between the HM14 from the book and the more modern version are listed in the section Things to remember


08 - Crosswind landings and agility of Flying Flea

Make sure to see the last part of the movie. It should another advantage of the Flying Flea.

09 - WARNING! Don't built a HM16 or HM160 ! ! 

A Flying Flea in action