Please, make sure to do it right.

New date: Oct 7, 2017 ! !

This year we worked out a new system. It will be turned active on the WUFI-day. You will be able to place your pictures here on this website.
The best guide on how toupload the picture is here below. But the rest too. It helps to get the date stamp right.


ok, you don't need to do a lot. But need to do it right, because ...we are also trying to get a Guinness World Record and those guys demand exact data.


What do we really need:
  • One picture WITH DATE STAMP
  • Make sure to fill in the insert form with ALL THE NEEDED DATA (ok, that page is still not active, but it will become clear when it does)


This was my official WUFI picture in 2015. 

How to time stamp?

Follow the instructions on this video.


  • Clearly is visible that i am in the air (ground is far away)
  • Clearly visible is the date of the flight.
  • Clearly visible is the person who is flying or being passenger.
If you can activate a date stamp option on your camera or cell phone, you have it rather easy. If you have not, there are still a few option you can use. See here a few of the used solutions from last year. Some were very creative.

Where install the pictures?

Easy, this year we made a special insert page for it. You find it HERE.

Where do we see the pictures?