Mistakes my "pupils" made

  • Tims mistake was he didn't use the button to lower the side wheels long enough. This mistake can be seen at the end of the second video of Tim.
    The sidewheels were not fully locked in their support. He was lucky, they must have been just far enough to hold the Ecomobile upright. Was it just a fraction less down, the side wheels would not have been able to hold that weight upright and the Ecomobile would have fallen.
    The alarm announced he was in problems. My mistake was to not give him that alarm info.
  • Johans mistake was to try to lower the wheels too early. He was still not within the range of the speeds where the button can be activated. Once he knew that he found his confidence again and continued his slaloms.  :) 
    I am pretty sure i told him this detail. I guess it is a bit too much to remember all on your first ride. I must remember to tell the pupils this info while they ride as passenger. There i have more time to spread the info over a longer time. That talk just before they close the door is too much info on short time. I have been teacher. i should have foreseen this error.