Feet Forwards Motorbikes

Later i found out that there are nearly recumbent motorbikes as well. They are called Feet Forward motorbikes. The name is not so hard to understand.

If you want to see more info about Feet Forwards, go to www.bikeweb.com and look at the image galleries.

Me driving the Genesis. It is a converted Suzuki Burgman 650. Designed by Ian Pegram. Paul Blezard made it possible for me to have this ride. (Picture by Paul Blezard)

I was so delighted by this Genesis design, i wanted the rest of the world to know it. So ...i made a video about it. Just pay attention to the fuel consumption data i give in the video!

Having a Harley V-rod i know how much fun it is to ride a motorbike. Especially if you live near the city of Antwerp, which is notorious for its trafficjams. But ...i noticed that i use the Harley very little when winter comes. Sadly ...the trafficjams are less scared of winter.  :(

I got the idea that i wanted my own Feet Forward. Well, i had one already. I had the Ecomobile (go see that chapter of my site).

Me in my Ecomobile

But ...i don't like the sidewheel system of that motorbike. I love to place my feet on the ground. So ...i have to build one of my own.