Carbon Funbike

Transforming the Funbike into the Carbon Funbike.

It became time to cover the funbike with some aerodynamic fairing. This was done in a real record time. OK, still rough. But a good tool to test some ideas.

The rough fairing which we used to test the air stream over the recumbent scooter.

The battery pack was changed and now the calculated range would be 130 km AT TOPSPEED! Ok, it is only 45km/h top speed, but ...i give you the real range and not the range if you don't accelerate or brake or whatever. I get the feeling most electric vehicles give that last range number.   :-(


Me testing the faired Funbike. It felt good at once. Still needs a wind screen, lights and its final layers of skin.
Thijs, who helped me with the making of the fairing, shows how he feels about the Funbike. :)
My son having a ride too. You can see that we place our legs beside the cover of the front wheel to keep the Funbike upright.
The final shape being prepared for a layer of carbon.
Testride. Man, what a joy. This science-fiction looking vehicle is fun, fun, fun.
The lights are from a Harley shop. All Euro-approved. So ...i am road legal.
The testride was smooooth. Looking forward to test it with sidewind, in the city and in rain.
My overall report is very clear. ;)
Thanks Thijs for the help in the making of this Feet Forward electric scooter.
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