The basic idea behind the wing

I asked Predrag Devic to keep the following goals in mind when designing the wing:

  • Very few parts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light
  • Good looks

They succeeded and ... gave me even more than expected.


Admit is a easy construction. Even for a beginner like me.

Total design

The design of the fuselage is not finished yet.

So ...the above shown fuselage might still change in shape. But i give you one of the pre-studies to view so you see what we are intending to do. It is a double tube aluminium construction, which is bolted together. Over it comes a fairing to get the streamlining better.

^ The first intended fuselage.

^ A open version of the new fuselage.


^ A enclosed fuselage version of the same structure.

See more pictures here.

Ordering the parts for the prototype

As we are still talking here about a prototype, so ... i need to be careful. I must test each cricital part (spar and rib) before building the entire wing. If the parts don't hold the weight we intend for them, we need to redo the calculations for better strenght. 

I plan to buy, build and test till i am pleased with the test results.

Building the prototype

Step by step i will build and report here. All reports will be linked at the left side of this page.

The testing of these parts will make that the entire construction will take longer than a normal construction. Also ...i am going to hammer the ribs myself for the prototype. For the kit i will later use a press to make the ribs more quickly. The making of the ribs will take longer now for the prototype than for the kit.