New date: Oct 6, 2018 ! !

WUFI sign

It is just something to make it visible you are a WUFI pilot or passenger.




Noooo, Barry, not right. ;)

Sing the song

veeeery easy lyrics. Very catchy refrain. Enjoy.  ;)

Help spread the word

Trying to tell others about the WUFi event can be fun too. Right, Steve?

Have fun on that day

Sharing the WUFI feeling with others. Try to get the next generation involved.
Don't take it all too serious.
Doug painted his face in WUFI logo. Oh boy.
This group is getting the WUFI feeling a step further. All kind of WUFI stuff can be found at .
I am not involved with this firm. I earn no money from them. I just tell you that you can find WUFI stuff here.


  • FLY ON october 6th
  • Take selfie in the air
  • Post it at