New date: Oct 6, 2018 ! !


WUFI is not just to enjoy yourself. No, enjoy it with others. Make it a nice group event. Share the feeling of aviation with your friends.
This group from Puerto Rico found each other by placing their location on the map.

Meet other WUFI pilots by adding your pin on the map

We use that map to make it possible so pilots meet in the air or gather on the same airfield before doing their WUFI flight.


This picture should how much pins we had last year. If you visit the map today, you might maybe not see a lot of pins yet, but ...we know from experience from last year that the most pins arrive just the weeks before the event. But ...if you really want to meet other WUFI pilots or passengers, place your pin and try to connect the pins next to your location.

How to place your pin

  • To place your new pin, click picture.
  • Select "Additions"
  • "Add MARKER-Detailed"
This way people can contact you to meet or ...even to create a pack of airplanes in the sky like they did in Venezuela. 11 airplanes in the air at the same time!


As you can see on the map, many countries had WUFI pilots. Ok, not all could fly due to bad weather, but ... it was nice to see the sun rise in Australia when i was getting to bed to be ready for my own WUFI day. When i woke up, i could already see pictures of Malasya, India, Israel, South-Africa, ...


Oh yeah, when the sun came up on Oktober 10 2015, WUFI pilots became active. It was a joy to see the pictures getting in, to see the smiles on the faces, to see all of us enjoying our own aviation day. Yes, it was truly ONE DAY, ONE SKY.


  • FLY ON october 6th
  • Take selfie in the air
  • Post it at