Special: Flying Flea

The airplane for the man in the street
I truly truly like this airplane. 
It is in my point of view the ideal airplane for a guy who wants to fly at low costs, because he can build it himself in wood and ...it does not demand great pilot skills to master it in the air.
It was designed for the man in the street in the 1930's. Some people might say it has a bad reputation. Not right. It HAD a bad reputation. But from 1936 on the design is really safe to use. I partly restored one. I explain here why it had that bad reputation. I explain why it should be gone now (sadly most people don't know this detail). I show you the different models there were and i guide you a bit to what model that would be perfect to you. And ...did you know that ALL THE MIGNET PLANS ARE NOW FOR FREE! The last member of the family gave the world access to the plans to make sure the work of his family would be kept alive. Thaaaank you, family Mignet.
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