Few of my thoughts

My own creativity

Through the years i stayed making drafts of the most bizarre ideas. Some really were bad, others were not so bad at all. Here i assembled some of the better ideas.

Remember, i made these thoughts as a non-engineer without help of real engineers.

Clich the images to get to the ideas.


Landing gear

A few proposals to make front forks with suspension.

They are relatively easy to make.



A way to get started with hanggliding without the basic beginner mistakes and the possible injuries you might get during your first steps in hanggliding.


DragonWing (Horten HXc revival)

My full scale project of a true Horten hangglider. Sadly i had to stop the project for financial reasons. Here you will find ALL data of this project. Airfoils, twist graph, how to make it. All data!



Old drafts about Flying Fleas.

Old drafts about flying wings



A low aspect ratio design that might have less problems with the huge vortexes at the wingtips.






A new way of steering a airplane in pitch.

The small picture shows a DragonTail on a BirdWing.





A pitch steering devise for flying planks without reflexed airfoils without stall behavior.



A combination of BirdWing and BirdTail.





Mixed Hangglider Control

How to mix a full fairing and still be a weightshifter for competitions.


Reintroduction of the 2 Stroke Diesel into aviation

They are very reliable, strong, fuel doesn't burn in crashes. All good points, but ...still not much 2 strokes diesels in aviation. A missed chance??



Assymetric flying wing

It is possible.





Low Budget Bomber