Basic UltraLight Motorized welcome to the world of low-budget flying


Willing to fly, but having a low budget? Well, this page is especially made for you.

Before I can tell about BULMs, I need to tell about ULM.


ULM stand in France for Ultra Léger Motorisé (motorized ultralight). These kinds of airplanes were brought to life thanks to some pioneers who wanted to make flying more accessible for those with a lower budget. Names like William Lishman (most known user of the "Easy Riser" (designed by Larry Mauro) and better known as the real father figure in the film "Fly Away Home"), Don Mitchell (designer of the U2 ultralight) and Henri Mignet (designer of the Pou du Ciel or "Flying Flea" and founder of the amateur building movement). Probably I did forget a lot of names. My apologies.

William Lishman launching his Easy Riser glider. Note: He is just hanging there and using his armpits as only fixation! (Permission granted to use the picture by Bill Lishman)


Later the Easy Riser got a engine and a SEAT. The undercarriage is super simplified. Pitch control was done by shifting your weight forward and backward. (Permission granted to use the picture by Bill Lishman)


A superb view on the wings of the Easy Riser. You can see the structure clearly. Thanks a lot, Bill Lishman, for giving me this picture.

Did you notice it? SIMPLICITY! Yes, that is the key to low budget flying. Through their simplicity the price could be kept low. And the "man of the street" was able to fly. Many persons learned to fly in Flying Fleas, Easy Risers, Quicksilvers, Weedhoppers and a lot of the old ULMs.

But ... time goes by. New materials became introduced. More reliable engines were created. The next generation of ULMs came. Today the ULMs don't look like they used to. You have now streamlined, fast ULMs. I thing that "fast" sounds great to many. To me it echoes "expensive". Well, euh ... I don't like it. Let's say, my wallet does not like it.

Where did those cheap airplane go to?



  1. Basic
  2. UltraLight
  3. Motorized

With other words ... a airplane that went back to simplicity and ... cheap prices.

How can you get one?

Well, that is a thing I want to do here. I hope to be able to guide you to the BULMs. I will work on a directory of BULMs. If you can help me to make this directory complete (or nearly complete), I thank you in advance.

First ... there are two types of BULMs.

type 1: BULMBAF

BAF stands for "Buy And Fly".

This kind of BULM is for those without patience or ... with two left hands (not being able to built a airplane himself). Just contact a company, order, pay, wait for delivery and fly.

But, there are not a lot of these around. Actually ... I found none. I wonder why? Is there here a hole in the market? SURELY!!!!!

type 2: BULMPOK

POK stands for Plan OR Kit.

Here you need to work before you are able to fly. Logic tells you that these can be cheaper than BULMBAFs. It saves in working hours to pay. Those working hours will be done ... by you! Now, don't take that building lightly. It is serious business. Your life and that of a possible passenger depends on your work. So, if you know you have two left hands -------> BULMBAF!!!!

The BULMPOKs come in several grades. It can be indicated by the working hours. Less than 100 hours is a quick kit. 1000 hours can ...euh ... take a while. So, if you cannot find that info on the site or brochure of the BULMPOK, ask for it! Do not drop into unhappy surprizes.

There is one major drawback! You did spend money to buy the kit or plan and materials. But you still don't have a airplane. That takes time. And sometimes your situation changes in that time. Just open a magazine and view the adds. Many sell their project (90 % finished) due to changes in health, changes of job and loosing free time, changes in financial status, getting married and so on. Or just because they notice they are ... unhandy.

Now don't start thinking that I want to make BULMPOKs bad. No no, I am building myself. Just started (January 2004).

Many say that building is as much fun as flying. Some even sell the finished and tested airplane to start a new project. Time will tell which kind you are.

Note: I cannot make comparisons between the kits on prices. You need to find out yourself what is in the kits ... or better what is not. All I can do is to guide you towards the sites where you can contact the manufacturer.