Flying Flea pilot tales

Just believe them. They know it ...by experience.
I receive a lot of questions about how a flying flea flies. Is it stable? Is it safe? Is it a hard thing to learn? I thought that the best way of answering is to let the pilots talk. So i am gathering opinions, stories, reports from Flying Flea pilots i know. Enjoy the read.

Christy McCormick (HM14 builder and pilot)

"I built and flown an HM-14. It was a very stable a/c in longitudinal control. Lateral control was very stable and with the large rudder coupled with dihedral , it had a very secure feeling in bank control. I dident build it per the original plans due to the issues with c/g, wing overlapin which after wind large scale tunnel testingfrom the British air league, they discovered it need some changes to make it safe. I lengthened the fuselauge 12 inches longer,and lengthening the vertical fwd wing spar support from 600 mm to 800 mm. It gave me superb horizontal and vertical seperation as far as no wing overlap. If you decide to build the hm-14 ,it is a VERY SAFE airplane as long as the safety measures are adhered to.. .im in construction of my current HM-14 because it is one of the safest airplanes i have ever flown. I hope in the near future more people will get interested in building this great flying ship., but do it safely."