Draftbook / Flying Flea

My old (maybe crazy) ideas


  • All my drafts were made by the knowledge of that time. It might be that at some time, i didn't have the right knowledge, so ... forgive me.
  • In all my drafts one square is 20 x 20 cm. 
  • If you see a circle with a half black and white filling or cross, it represents the CG location (only horizontal location).
  • if you don't see a rudder, there will probably be rudders at the wingtips.
  • If you see a date, i wrote it in the following style (DD-MM-YY)
  • Language is Dutch in the draft. If you can read it, ... you should be able to translate the runes of the vikings. :)
  • Texts are placed UNDER the picture.

The drafts (not in chronic order)

A glider. A tube construction. Inspired by Butterfly. Not intended as footlaunched. I hoped to create something strong enough due to the triangles. At the rear is a alu-plate is used to make construction even stronger.
Composite design. Inspired on the Butterfly. Pilot in standing position and sitting in hammock. Crossbars function also as support for the hammock. Engine in front makes it probably impossible to carry. If the engine was in the rear, you could have supports like being used in several footlauched motorized hangglider harnasses like the Mosquito.
Engine at the rear. Support like Mosquito motorized harnas which holds weight of engine. Pilot has to carry not all the weight of the construction while running. The pole in front of pilot is a central single tube in composites. Struts start just over the location of the knees. I fear it will never handle the known typical torsion in the fuselage of Flying Fleas.
Metal construction. Pilot hangs in this kind of struss construction. At front a simple loop of rope in which you can place your feet for support.
A struss construction. Support tube for engine not drawn here. "Enkel" means single tube. "Dubbel" means two tubes in which pilot can be in between.
A start of a super sexy frame in composites. Inspired by the Butterfly. Rudders at wingtip of rear wing. Not intended as footlaunch. Landinggear not yet drawn. 
A semi-closed cockpit. Nearly same frame as above. Also not intended as footlauched. Forward view is not yet ideal.
More enclosed cockpit. Waw ... i looooove the shape! Areas with stripes are transparent parts.
A glider. Cockpit inspired by a Croses Pouplume i once saw in Montpezat. Canopy is mostly a single curved transparent part.
A attempt to combine plywood and tubes. draft left has a stick attached to the structure above. In draft right it was intended to have side stick attached to tube at elbow height. Both might be footlaunched.
A bit more details on the right draft of picture just higher.
Plywood construction. Not intended to be footlaunched.
My attempt to create nearly fully enclosed cockpit for a glider in plywood. It has a trinagular shape at the front. The front is a column in the middle. You can see where i planted to use crossbeams. Inspired by HM14 fuselage.
Similar as above with a central landinggear of three wheels. Glider. Wingtip runner is needed.
One of the drafts that was the beginning of the Open Pou. Here it is a alu tube construction with gussets. It is a central tube. So ... single plane fuselage. Wings are held in place by cables.
Footlaunched motorized glider. Inspired by Butterfly. It has a sack like being used under hanggliders. The supports under the engine are not drawn. Looks like a real possible easy Flying Flea construction. Rudders at wingtips.
Inspired by Superfloater. Here intended as glider. Rudders at wingtips. Stick is side-stick like in Superfloater. Maybe not realistic because stick always pulls in a Flying Flea. Too much force for a short stick unless spring or bungee takes away that basic pull force.
Similar idea. Next to pilot two tubes go down towards the central tube on which the pilot sits.
How basic can a fuselage be? Pilot is hanging in sack under tube. Steering is done by triangle which is nearly used like in hangglider. But here you twist triangle to use the rudders at the wingtips. In hangglider you steer by moving triangle sideways.
Similar basic idea, but ... here you are not crushed in you land on your belly. 
A central composite tube as only fuselage. Footlaunched and pilot is laying on top of tube. A central landing wheel might be enough to land. Hmm ... you might place a retracting double landingwheel just behing the front strut. Wheel just needs to be positioned next to central tube. In the text i propose a single wheel at front and a Balligand curved landinggear at rear. Legt fit inside the curve of this landinggear support.
Same central tube as fuselage. Two small engines on poles like Cri-Cri. Ok, danger for broken props hitting the pilot. Central landinggear could be just fine. Maybe a good idea if using ducts.
Same idea of twin engined Flying Flea but this time with engines hanging under the rear wing. Like above, same danger of broken prop hitting pilot. Ducts could solve that problem.
Similar footlaunched hangglider like a bit higher in page. But this time with tubes only. Rudders on wingtips rear wing.
A Flying Flea with wings like a hangglider. Foldable. Fuselage inspired on Butterfly.
A attempt to create a enclosed cabine for a hangglider. Structure could be plywood or composite plates. Using round windows to keep strength in plates. Holes are a bit like weight reduction holes. Sack under legs to close the cabine. You see where i intend to place crossplates. Pilots body goes through hole of first crossplate. Arms are moving in first section of this cabine. Little arm movement possible, i know.
Similar idea but motorized this time. Engine is on top of cabine. Wings go left and right of engine. Prop has a extra support at the front of cabine.
A glider proposal. Based on HM14. Rudders on wingtips. Just a easy fuselage to make i guess. Single central landinggear.
A very basic hangglider. Tubes construction. Can it be easier? A inverted U steering stick.
Similar ideas but here as a construction with plywood plates and a central tube.
This draft came years after the one with red fuselages. It is a attempt to create something very basic. Motorized. Drawn in april 2021.
The following draft is a experiment to create a single tube fuselage. At the front is a front fork of a trike. Here the rear wheel is just a single wheel. But with some minor tubes you can create a trigear. Note to myself: feet too close and unprotected to the prop.