HM14/360 fuselage

Picture-reports of constructions/parts.

A view of the fuselage with the wings removed. If you forget something in that hole behind the seat, you will loose it for ever. Once the rear wing is on top of it, it is totally closed.
I found a paper in it of the former owner/builder. It read: "Monday -> onion-soup"   ;^)

While removing the rear wing you can see the looong bolts that hold them. Beware ... those bolts are VERY difficult to mount. The nut in the inside of the fuselage is hidden in a tight corner. Very difficult to mount.

View inside the top space behind the seat. It is a place for some luggage and ... the place of those nuts I mentioned above. See them? Probably not. They are hidden behind that triangle. That space behind the triangle is hardly a finger wide!

View inside that same space. But now looking from the backside to the front. That hole is the access hole. You can see the reinforcement circle.

Inside that space at the rear of the fuselage. Looking onto the stern post that holds the mounts of the rudder hinge. At the right you see a small access hole. It is the only way to access that space when the wing is mounted. I need to bolt the rear spar from here. Another job that requires more time than expected.

The hinge that holds the rudder. The rudder can be dismounted in just a minute. The rear wheel is not mounted yet.

Detail of the top fixation point of the rudder. Just release that safety-pin at the back, turn the bolt, remove it, slide the rudder between the two plates and insert the bottom pin of the rudder in the lower hinge. Insert the bolt and secure it. Done!

Here you need to insert the pin at the bottom of the rudder. Really easy.

View on the plates that hold the rear wheel. I have no idea what the purpose is of that round plate that comes out of the construction at the front. Left overs?