Using the same concept ... with success.

Several designers made their own version of the Pou du Ciel.


Butterfly as glider

In Belgium, we are proud to have our own remarkable version, the Butterfly. It started its live as a (hang)glider, then it got a engine and became the lightest, motorized Pou du Ciel. If you want more info on this Butterfly, go see its page at www.flyingflea.com.ar.

Butterfly on floats


Pouplume Criquet Paracargo

Emile Croses, also a Frenchman, made several Flying Fleas. I show just a few. The Croses Pouplume, the Croses Criquet, the Croses Paracargo (yes, a Pou du Ciel doesn't have to be small. To my knowledge, Michel d' Escatha made the largest one.

Michel d' Escatha

Michel d' Escatha made several Flying Fleas.

His most known ones are:

  • the one with ladders as fuselage and all important parts slidable on the ladder to test all different kinds of configurations (prop in front, prop in middle, prop at rear). It was used as a study in preparation of the HM1000 Balerit.
  • MICA. Althought the pictures of his prototypes show it as a flying boat, it can be build too a a landbased airplane.

Lesser known are his extreme prototypes like a Flying Flea that could hold a car!

We know Michel d' Escatha build many many prototypes, sadly ...almost no pictures of his work are available. Michel lives a very remote life.

Gilbert Landray

gl01 gl03 gl04

Gilbert Landray, also Frenchman, made a collection of Flying Fleas. I drew a few.
GL01, GL03 "Pouss-Pou", GL04 "Visa-Pou"


The remarkable POUCHEL of Daniel Dalby. A very low-budget airplane made out of LADDERS (yes, you read it right!).

Jean de la Farge

One of the creations of Jean de la Farge, a Frenchman who went to Argentina


Lederlin 380 L


The French Piel C.P. 500, a similar design as the Pou du Ciel, but with more conventional control surfaces and a pusher-pull configuration. In such a configuration the "Living Wing" no longer exists.