Single or group activity

Flying can be done cheap, if you choose for some types of gliding. But don't forget that many forms of gliding demands others to help you get in the air.

Hangglider pilots need people to hold the lines when you are standing on the ramp or ridge during windy days. 

Glider pilots need people to operate the tow-plane or the winch. They need people and extra material to bring the airplane back to the hangar or starting place. It is a club activity.

Not sure yet what the situation is with paragliders, but i guess it is handy to have helpers on windy days for some ridge soaring. But ridge soaring is not for beginners. So ...might not be your problem as beginner.

A group activity demands that there is coördination between the helpers and fliers. It demands that everybody helps everybody. It might happen that it is your day to help and not fly. And it probably will be that you have to stay longer than just your own flight.

If you don't like to be dependable on a team, you need to go for motorised aviation. If you can get the airplane to the starting point yourself, you are totally undependable on others to get airborne. Just start the engine and take off. Might be that somebody needs to man the control tower to keep all activity on the airfield in order. Mid-air collisions are painful. 

Even if you are in a type of aviation that can be done by yourself as solo, you still can end up in a group of friends. All you need is a good club without internal struggles. And you might end up with a bunch of friends for life.

Last pictures were taken during the WUFI 2015 event in Venezuela. 11 ultralights shared the same sky on Oct 10. They shared the same sky with more than 500 other ultralights worldwide. Try to be part of the next Worldwide Ultralight Fly In. It is for all affordable types of aviation. Paraglider to LSA. One day, one sky!