Not all of us live in paradise where you have each day full sun and just a soft breeze.

What is the influence of the weather to aviation?

  • Too windy means no flying slow airplanes.
    Each airplane has its typical cruise speed. That is the speed at which you most frequently will fly. If the wind is blowing harder than the cruise speed, that makes you fly ...backwards. Really. It can happen. Experienced it myself a few times when i was surprized by changing weather. Not funny! You see the airfield you want to land on, but it is getting further and further away. It can become very very dangerous.
  • Too low clouds means no flying.
    If you can hardly take off because the clouds are too low, there is no joy to fly. It is also very dangerous to fly. If the clouds sink more deeper, you might end up with zero place to fly. And flying in a cloud is totally totally fools work. You see NOTHING!

Was i stupid to fly on those windy days? Well, sometimes you cannot predict what the wind will do. And there is always a difference between the wind on the ground and the wind at higher altitude. We experienced ground winds of 30 km/h and wind at 2000 feet high being 80 km/h. Yes, it can be so much different up there.

Now know your country better than i do. If it is know to be super windy most of the times, you are not in the ideal location to do the slowest types of aviation.

I give you a very rough indicationĀ of the cruise speeds of the different types of aviation.