Pou du Ciel

HM14 or "Pou du Ciel" ("Flying Flea")

Sorry, I cannot hide it. It is one of my favorites. I bought one which was already built. The pou du ciel is already describes in my site under the chapter Flying Flea. But if you want a quick overview: simple, designed to be built and flown by a absolute beginner. Supported by a worldwide group of pouducielists. Easy to get more info from them about how to construct and so.

A Belgian builder from the old days. He still has the old kind of ribs in his hand. (Permission from Alain Blondiau to use this picture)In this book you find all the plans needed. (Permission by Pierre Mignet to use this picture)

There is my pride, a HM14. Mine has a non-standard closed cockpit. Like you see ... some changes can be made. (Picture by Freddy Rixhon, who is testing the cockpit here)

This here is a more comfortable cockpit. OK, it is open. But it is wider and longer.

The plans for this modification can be found at Pou Guide (http://pou.guide.free.fr). You can also see that the old train is replaced with a modern version. It helps to avoid mole hills (right word???). I swear that that kid is Pou-bitten for life!

(Permission by Jérome Falc to use this picture)

There are many kinds of Pou du Ciel. You can see a lot of them at Jolly Roger (http://jolly.roger.free.fr). It has a lot of pictures of the Pou du Ciel - meetings.

  • Span front wing: 6 m (19,7')
  • span rear wing: 4 m (13,1')
  • cord: 1,4 m (4,6')
  • Wing area: 12,2 m2 (131 sq ft)
  • Empty weight: 150 kg (331 lbs)
  • Take off weight: 220 kg (485 lbs)
  • Speeds: 30 - 110 km/h (18,5 - 68 mph)
  • Cruise speed: 80 km/h (50 mph)
  • Take off and landing distance: 100 m (109 yard)

(source: Pou Guide)

A few of the sites with info about the Pou du Ciel:

What you might not yet know, is the fact that all the Mignet plans are ...for free! Alain Mignet gave permission to our French Flying Flea friends to place the work of Henri Mignet and Pierre Mignet online.