Mini-Max 103

Basic UltraLight Motorized welcome to the world of low-budget flying

This ultralight is a classic one. Been available since the 80's. There are a lot of versions of the Mini-Max. Two ultralights (103 and 1100) and the others have a few options (closed cockpit for instance) which make them just a bit too heavy to be ultralight.

I am sure. For each taste a version available.

The site of the manufacturer says the following about the Mini-Max 103:

"Easy to build -- Fun to fly!
A true light aircraft requiring minimum investment,
minimum building space, minimum time or skill...

Designed for ROTAX 277 or similar engines
3-axis control
wood construction
AN hardware
easily transportable with removable wings"

(permission to use picture by John of JDT Mini-Max LLC)

MAX 103 Specifications

  • Build time     300-350 hours
  • Engine     Rotax 277
  • Wingspan     7,62 m (25 ft.)
  • Wing area     10,45 m2 (112.5 sq. ft.)
  • Length     4,88 m (16 ft.)
  • Empty weight     113 kg (250 lbs.)
  • Gross weight     227 kg (500 lbs.)
  • Design load factors     +4.4 -1.8
  • Performance Top speed     101 km/h (63 mph)*
  • Cruise speed     89 km/h (55 mph)
  • Stall speed     42 km/h (26 mph)
  • Climb rate     198 m/min (650 fpm)
  • Vne     145 km/h (90 mph)
  • Take-off distance (grass)     46 m (150 ft.)
  • Landing roll (grass)     55m (180 ft.)

*May require throttle-stop to maintain FAR 103 legal top speed of 63 mph.

A construction picture of a Hi-Max, the high winged version of the Mini-max.

I got this construction picture of a person who mailed it to me. But ... I forgot his name.
If you know the owner of this Hi-Max wing, please, let him contact me again.
I want to give him the earned credit for this picture.

Here you can see another airplane by JDT.

It is one of those other versions of the Mini-max.
Pity, just a bit too heavy to be a ultralight.
I found this picture in the Ison-ultralight Yahoo group.

MAX 103 kit prices
#1030R Airframe kit $3,645.00
#5105 Wing rib kit $249.00
#5010 Wing assembly kit $895.00
#5015 Fuselage kit $895.00
#5020 Landing gear kit $479.00
#5025 Empennage (tail) kit $245.00
#5030 Metal and hardware kit* $1111.00
#5135 Fabric kit $230.00
#5040 Plans package $125.00
#7230 Epoxy (1/2 gallon) $45.00

* Metal and hardware kit contains only the balance of materials not already included in other sub-kits.

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A few good sites with lot of construction pictures: