Peyret Taupin

A successful motorized tandemwing
It appears that Peyret was the mecanic of Louis Bleriot. He was involved in the construction of the Bleriot tandemwing.
this motorized edition looks a lot like his glider. Same square fuselage with a slender triangle on top. A tube running over the pilot to connect front wing mounting points with the upper side of the rear body. Very rigid. And the triangle is so slender it gives not much view loss to the front. 
Length 6m
Height 2.72 m
Span front 7.2 m
Span rear 6.5 m
Wing surface 20.7 m2
Power 50 HP
Weight empty 215 kg
Weight max 335 kg
Wing loading / Wing area 16.5 kg/m2
Wing loading / Power 6.7 kg/HP