Adjustable, light and easy to use.


Based on a design i saw from Henri Mignet (dated 1920's) i adjusted the super easy seat a bit to my needs.



  • a support for the back
  • a light construction
  • a system to get lighter or heavier pilots in the right position to get the center of gravity right so the stability is ideal designed.
  • a more backward position when standing upright (easier to run)


The team of Predrag Devic made me this proposal based on my drafts.

Strap to make seat longer

This shows how we give the pilot more slack in the seat to be able to get his torso upright during a footlaunch and also his position a bit more backwards. During standing up he needs this more backwards position because most of the weight of the glider is behind him. If he can decrease the distance between his shoulders and the center of gravity of the glider he will have less effort keeping the glider in the perfect launch position on the start ramp.

Once the seat supports his weight, he can swing his legs upwards, lean against the back support and correct his position to the most ideal one by pulling the strap in this picture. All pilots pull it the same amount. Color marks will indicate where the needed strap position is.

Seat adjusting to weight pilot

Seat 03

The lower two pictures show the system we think to use to make the pilots seat adjustable to his weight. After the flight tests i will be able to make a list which indicated which holes you need for the straps for a given pilot weight.

Found possible manufacturer

A firm that makes paraglider harnasses for known firms will make the prototype and the production of the seat. His work is veeeeery good.