Work has started!

These are just for the fuselage.

Bending the tubes for the skids seemed harder that expected. The first result looked like a tube i once saw on a spar of a ultralight alu construction hangglider. They were sold that way! Not in my project! I don't take that risk for my own life.

The hard alu material did not like the bending machine. These wrinkles are ready tough. Impossible to bend the bend back with hand force. But doesn't like fine and i want a airplane that gives confidence. These wrinkles don't do that.

Ok, it is just a skid. But ... i still hope to have a goodlooking glider. We decided to make a hard alu tube with a non-aviation alu part as skid bottom. Easy to make, no more wrinkles and cheaper to replace when done some harder test landings.

The skids will only absorb the hits when the front touching the ground after all energy is gone during the roll-out. The landing wheel behind the pilot takes the harder hit of the landing. The third bend tube is a protection just below the rudder. If the tail hits the ground, it touches this skid and does not damege the rudder.

You see the difference in the bend. Me happy. Good looking bend for a expendable part. :)

Making all the needed holes is a bit more complex, but i will find a good way to create kits that are easy to bolt / rivet together.