the story of the competition

Begin 2015 i started a competition. The winner would get a free kit, but he needs to build it and transport it to Oshkosh Airventure. After a hard weekend of thinking who would be the best choice, i made the decision.

The winner of the free BirdGlider kit is: Aldo J Sibi. Congrats!

Why Al? I have to admit that i was really really doubting between two persons. A young guy and Al. Al seemed at first as too qualified to do the job. He build many airplanes already. Also Al is not in the designed weight range of the glider. But ...what he is planning with the glider really made me melt. He is planning to share the BirdGlider with the other guys of the firm he is working in. And guess where he is working?? Virgin Galactic! Yep ... the future space station. When i saw that in his email, i was thinking "how do these guys find me? Why would they want my glider, they have nicer stuff over there?" But the answer was found really quick in the email. Al wants to share the ultralight aviation with his friends. Seems like my BirdGlider would fit in that hole of the aviation market. There is nothing like it at this moment.

His enthusiasm, his modesty, his skill and his community at Virgin Galactic made me choose him. I am sure we both will enjoy this adventure.

Also needs to be mentioned: Al has a very unique part at home which many aviators will be jealous about. His airplane loving wife Natalee.

I am really looking forward to see you all in Oshkosh. Thanks for joining this adventure.

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