This will be the first part that will be made. Like the rest it is designed to be build in a "put part A on part B and bolt together" style. The kit will have a set of building instructions, which i will make during this assembly. Exploded views of the 3D model will guide you as well.

Some details of the fuselage

The landing wheel looks like it is tough to get, when having a flat tire. But it is not. Undo two bolts and you have the wheel in your hand.

The pedals can be placed to your specific body length if you are using the glider alone. In club flying it still will be easy to fly. If you are light (and short) you need to shift forwards to get the balance right. That is possible with our seat design. So shift towards the pedals. This will solve most problems, i think.

The skids and the horizontal tube will be a aid to get your legs onto the pedals when footlaunching. It will be easier to get your feet on those tubes before reaching out for the pedals. The pedals remain in a neutral position as long as not released. 

The side stick is still in development. It will be a new design. Elevator control will not influence roll control. Not even by a fraction of a fraction of a inch. :)

Here and there there will be some reinforcements. Those tubes will be slided inside the tubes of the fuselage. 

When will construction begin?

Pretty soon. I preordered a bunch of tubes before the final design was made. Those tubes have arrived already. So ...i can start really soon once i have all the right dimensions of the final design. For the assembly i will need to wait for some laser cut parts. Later i intend to make those parts myself with CNC.