Clever tools

if it helps to make a difficult task easy, it is a clever tool.

Drilling the spars

Lets start with something that took me a long timeMaking bent to line it up correctly. Here is a idea by Aleksey Altukhov (Is this the right Aleksey??).
This sliding drill tool makes drilling the holes in the spars a piece of cake. CLEEEEEEEVER! Thanks, Aleksey, this will help the builders a lot!

Lining up the hinges of the folding wings

Another idea of Aleksey is the way he lined up the hinges. Super easy and really something that many might forget. Those hinges really need to be lined up. If not, you might crack your wing on the first unfold.

Making bend metal parts

Aleksey is really clever when it comes to make it yourself easier to make and at a good price.
He made this tool to create the parts in U- or V-shape.