Landing gear

From handy to fully retro

HM14 / front landing gear without sandows / Jim Bruton (USA)

Originally the HM14 had a rod running through the fuselage while it was suspended by sandows. Here Jim choose to place the shock absorbers outside of the fuselage. He used springs as shock absorbers. Pictures by Jim Bruton.

HM14 / rear suspension / Jim Bruton (USA)

the same Jim used a rear suspension i never saw before. It is very easy to make and gives a waw retro look. Not sure how it handled on concrete landing strips or in turns.
The way it is having its shoch absorbing ability is ... super creative. Just use sandows on the inside of the fuselage. Clever!
Pictures by Jim Bruton

HM14 / front landing gear with wooden laminated legs / Michel Vincent (France)

Instead of a bar running through the fuselage, here they use a laminated leg which has no need for sandows. Pictures from Jolly Roger website (Jerome Falc)

HM360 / front landing gear with wooden laminated leg / Michel Jacquet (France)

This is a nice looking Flying Flea. HM360 always impressed me by its "speedy looks". The front legs are laminated wood or composites, not sure about it. Pictures from Jolly Roger website (Jerome Falc)

HM163 / Trigear front wheel / Hans Engels (Belgium)

Hans Engels, i met him and i will always admire his creativy and engineering. His HM163 would have been a super beauty in the air. Sadly due to health reasons he could not finish the project. What a loss. I hope his metalwork at the front wheel might inspire you.
Pictures from Jolly Roger website (Jerome Falc)

HM293 / trigear with free rotating front wheel / Hubert Vignaud, Olivier Murcott, Holger Van Gent

I guess it is all visible. The front wheel is rotating freely. Both wheels in the middle have brakes. Two different builders. Same idea. Make sure the rotating axle of the front wheel is in front of the place where the front wheel touches the ground. that is needed to give it stability while rolling during taxi-runs, take-offs and landings. If you want to read about trail and stability, go see wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_and_motorcycle_geometry
Pictures from Jolly Roger website (Jerome Falc)

HM293 / sandows in front landing gear / Yves Segonds

Yves is a very known Flying LFea pilot. Sadly passed away. His HM293 has shock absorbers using sandows. The tubes are telescopic. The sandows take the shocks.