Engines / Engine mounts

Learn from previous builds

HM293 / Radial engine / Guillaume Peyre (France)

Not many radial engine were placed on Flying Fleas. Here is a example of a HM293 with a Verner V3, build by Guillaume Peyre. Sadly at those times Verner V3 had a lot of problems with vibrations. But i read that Verner now has a new casing and new engine fixation point to prevent those vibrations now. This Flying FLea is currently (2023) in a museum. Pictures by Guillaume Peyre.
The new Verner engines have other fixation points. Here you see them.

HM293 / Radial engine / Bernard Domont (France)

Bernard Domont is a legend in the Flying Flea world. He made MANY Flying Fleas. Many of them have something special. This one had a radial engine. Like i said before. Radials on Flying Fleas are for some reason rare. Pictures by Jolly Roger website (Jerome Falc)

HM293 / Radial engine / Michel Monnereau (France)

Hmm ... did i already mention that radial engines are rare?? Well, i found another one! Just look at it! How retro can you get? Nice!
Pictures by Jolly Roger website (Jerome Falc)

HM14 / Engine mount / Jim Bruton (USA)

There are no standard engine mounts for flying fleas, i guess. Each engine is different. So i will show a few. Pictures by Jim Bruton.

Landray / VW engine / Philippe Kind (France)

If you wonder how a Flying Flea looks like with a VW engine. Here is a Landray design with that engine.