SWIFT by team by Dr. Ilan Kroo

The SWIFT, for SWept Wing with Inboard Flap for Trim, was designed by a team at Stanford University led by Dr. Ilan Kroo, and developed through a collaborative effort with Bright Star Hang Gliders

. There is also a European manufacturer, Aériane, , in Belgium. In fact, as of July, 1997, BrightStar stopped production of the Swift in order to concentrate on a new entry-level model, the Millenium . Here is some technical information on the Swift:

3-view drawing and specifications
Predicted polar performance curve
Steve Morris, writing in the RigidWing mailing list on Mon, 19 Mar 2001: "P.S. An unfaired Swift has:

  • max L/D of 18.6:1
  • Min sink=144 fpm
  • L/D @ 50 mph=14.8

If the unfaired Swift has any advantage of current CBRWs [control-bar rigid wings], it is due to high wing loading and a slightly cleaner wing (laminar flow) which boost the L/D at 50 mph. The fairing makes a huge difference in performance.".

Here are some pilot reports on flying the Swift:

"Flying Swiftly", Part One
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"Flying Swiftly", Part Three
Here are some SWIFT photos:

SWIFT videos