Monarch by Jim Marske

The Monarch is not a foot-launchable rigid wing hang glider, but it is a tailless ultralight sailplane that can be made from plans or from kit. It is designed for fun flying rather than all-out performance.

Several editions were made. The last glider edition was model G. The model H has a higher fuselage so you can install a engine-prop combination behind the pilot seat.

At the old firm most flights were done by car-tow. It is really easy and cheap to do. Now the production line is in hands of the guy who also makes the Raptor.

You can find more information on the new Monarch site here

Viceroy was some kind of forerunner to the Monarch. This design of Jim Marske was footlaunched and had no ailerons.

Specifications (model G)


  • Wingspan 42.6ft
  • Empty Weight 155 lbs (carbon)
  • 175 lbs (fiberglass)
  • Aspect ratio 11.1
  • Wing area 163 sq. ft
  • Pilot Weight 120-220 lbs
  • Glide Ratio 22 to 1 at 36 mph
  • Min sink rate 138 at 30 mph
  • Speed Range 25 to 70 mph
  • Airfoil 43012 reflexed

Specifications (model H)


  • wingspan 43.5'
  • wing area 165 ft sq
  • Best L/D 20 @ 35 mph
  • Minumun sink 135 ft/min 
  • Empty weight 180 lb glider version / 250 lb motorized
  • pilot weight 130 lb to 250 lb 
  • Stall speed 30 mph @ max weight
  • Vne 65 mph.





Mat Redsell and the Monarch. Mat was leading the old firm together with Jim Marske.

The fuselage was a composite construction.

Installation of the controls inside the fuselage

Making the ribs was easy. Just cut out the part that would be placed behind the D-tube-spar and ...

glue U-shaped wooden strips to them. It was that easy. Constructing the D-tube-spar was a bit more complex. But ...if i recall it right, you could buy the spar in the kit. Is this memory right ???

Jim Marske and Monarch


by Mike Hostage

May 12, 1998: As for the Monarch, Jim is working with some current builders to refine the current model. His ship is currently at the SSA museum at Elmira, NY. He should be bringing it back to Marion, OH in the next few weeks.

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Here you can read a looooong collection of letter from Bill Daniels about the Marske flying wing theory.

Monarch Pilots

This is a list of all people who flew the Monarch. It was updated by Mat Redsell.

Mat Redsell
Mike Couts
Paul Gallati
Lloyd Watson
Ted Goble
Tim Tanguay
Jim Marske
Dave Wells
Mike Waters
Woody Jones
Doug Carpenter
Kolie Lombard
Milt Moos nov 20/99
Sonny Smith nov 21/99
Phil Pepin Dec 11/99
Curt Gridley May 11/00
Jerry Nolan May 28/00
Karl Stiedieck June 20/00
John Good June 20/00
Robert Mudd July 12/00
Patrick Edwards Aug /00
Wes Whitehurst Sept 29/00
Greg Olrich Sept 29/00
Dave Shelton Sept 29/00
Bill Dodson Sept 29/00
John Naubert June 11/01