GOAT by Michael Sandlin

The GOAT is the update of the BUG by Michael Sandlin. He offers the plans for this very basic glider free on the internet. So if you are not family of the Hiltons or Hughes and you are having two right hands, this might be ideal for you to get airborne.


From the website

Goat features:

  • Five or six major separable parts, the heaviest being the the wing panel at 35 to 42 lbs.
  • Emergency parachute, hang glider type, hand deployed 22 gore round canopy PDA, with bridle & swivel
  • 16" or 14" diameter wheelbarrow or ultrlight aircraft wheel, tube tire
  • nose skid for braking (no wheel brake), tail skid at rear (or wheel)
  • drogue chute, hang glider type, 5 ft. diam. (flat octagonal) canopy, attached to main struts or flying cables, 27" outboard from centerline on left side
  • tow hookup with weak link loop, to break at about 110% gross weight
  • Altimeter/variometer mounts on nose tube or strut, hang glider type
  • Quick assembly pins, handles & tapered ends for "drift pin" assembly, all fasteners attached to airframe
  • Flap panels in fixed position, or fixed trailing edge.
  • Four point seat belt
  • Conventional stick and rudder controls
  • There are no formal values established for performance, pilot weight, or maximum speeds or loads, because no rigorous tests have been performed to measure these values. There is, however, discussion of these factors on this page and on the forum.

Pictures of the website


Michael Sandlin, the designer/builder



This video gives a good impression of the GOATs abilities.